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new land holders

so, it looks like i have a new pair of landlords. the sale of the duplex i live in is final and we're meeting this afternoon to work out the rent, etc.

the guy is a contractor of sorts and has seemed terribly friendly and his wife has a day job outside the house and is similarly friendly. let's hope the let me keep the old rent (prior to the rent increase the old leasing company was kind of but not really initiating this month).

in other news, stats remains boring.

and we are in a new technology age! i have begun studying using ~powerpoint~ (well, really open office whateverit'scalled) as flashcards. wicked.
and they didn't say so until you got to the bridge.

which means an extra climb to go up and over the bridge. all in all, not a big deal. but full of suck on a rainy day on a bike. bleagh.

in other news, statistics continues to bore my pants off and i'll be giving a talk to the Oregon AALAS at the end of the month!


turns out, i kinda miss livejournal... who'da thunk it?

so, i've been mostly on twitter (because it's on my phone), facebook (a lot less lately, but there's reunion planning going on there, so i haven't been able to abandon it entirely) and my gmail reader feeds. which means lj has fallen by the wayside.

it's not like it's far way - everything on the internet is as close as anything else, i've just entirely forgotten about this place altogether. which i do periodically, anyway, only now there's so much other stuff to distract me that it's taking me longer to come back.

that's all for now. i've been up too long already and have (1)checked mice for plugs, (2) gotten very very lost, (3) eaten my yogurt and (4) wished for death.

an attempt at not being lazy

As a result of sheer laziness, Halloween cards did not get offered or go out.

So, now I am offering my flist a chance on a midwinter holiday card from yours truly.

Screened, etc. so your mailing info won't be plastered across the interwebs. (I just make the pull down tab say All Comments, right?)

Prop 8 and some high school folks

So, Facebook is an interesting monster. For a number of reasons. But in this case, i stumbled on a raging debate between two old high school classmates of mine. One is all for Prop 8 - a current member of the LDS who ascribes to their doctrine sincerely and wholeheartedly. The other is against Prop 8 and responded to a note and the flurry of comments it generated that was pro-Prop 8.

I liked his response so much, i asked and got permission to duplicate it here. So here, it is - below. Thanks, Phillip - for writing it and letting me post it.


Here is my response to your notes regarding Proposition 8. Proposition 8 intends to encroach upon the rights that are included in my "network", as you playfully put it. Supporting this proposition not only affects me, but friends of those within my network, the members of my family, and other supporters that wish to protect my civil right to marry. Your private message to me when you refer to my "network" as being offended enough to "probably illicit more mobs at the temple" is out of line and not amusing, even if intended as a joke. Also, if you believe I'll feel better by calling you "Crazy Cult Idiot or Religious Fanatic", as you also mentioned in that message you are wrong. I'm not at ease by labeling anyone in a negative light for peace of mind, or denying civil rights to any citizen.

I don't think you understand that every church will have the option to not perform same-sex marriages within its walls, and the preferences of those religious institutions cannot be forced to adhere to practices they see as incongruent with their belief system.

As you mentioned before, there are laws that have been passed to make my life and community a little more equal to members of the straight community that already possess them, and for that I am thankful. However, just like many activists in history it is my duty to continue to fight so the rights gained by my community remain protected. Civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony, Harvey Milk etc., etc. didn't stand by and accept what rights that were not allowed to them at the time, and I will not stand by to have them taken away from me after so many have fought to finally have them acknowledged.

Your decision to support a proposition to remove the civil rights of my community then puts me in a position to protect what I view as my family unit. I will continue the fight to preserve the rights of my community, those that support my community, and the future members and supporters of this community.

You said, "In a way, we are more alike than we probably know because I definitely feel like a misunderstood outcast at many times because of my religious beliefs." Yes, we may be alike in that we are different, but I am not trying to legislate what you are/are not allowed to do. Regardless of the race/creed/color/ethnicity/gender/generation in which my network also identify with and from whatever community they also belong to/come from I wouldn't wish upon them what the supporters of Prop 8 look to accomplish through passing this legislation.

I say NO to Prop 8!!

the damndest thing about LJ -

is that the busier your life is, the less time you have to update this thing *sigh*

I have a new boss at work and I've been spending much time negotiating my brain space with MS Access. Thanks to ms fakerson, i've got some choice help with it and my brain space is returning to its normal programming.

Like cooking. Last night's starter: Homemade Hummus and toasted pita bread. Last night's dinner: Acorn Squash and Zucchini Gumbo with a Wild Rice and Corn Casserole, Spaghetti Squash with Basil and Tomatoes and Dinner Rolls on the side. Last night's dessert: Red Velvet Cake, Pumpkin Pie (with fresh homemade whipped cream). Last night's guests: k&g - AWESOME!

Like knitting. Still working on 'zalea's sweater, i'm needing to add a bit on b/c i didn't quite make the back long enough. Mom's sweater needs another 1/3 skein of yarn so i gotta go searching all over town for this Hand Maiden lot. I'm giving up on the fine knit shawl - it's not as pretty as i thought it would be. Jellyfish, ho!

Like comic books. I finally bought _Torso_ to kick start my Bendis addiction but was a little disappointed. The comic book store lady does say that if she recommends something that i don't like, i can always come in and trade it for something else, but i might just re-read it this week to double check. AND i finally have a subscription pull somewheres.

Like wanting to see how my friends are doing and finding new and exciting people in pdx to hang out with. It's kinda nice to have my head back.

maybe it's the hormones...

because, yes, there have been hormones lately, but this damn near made me break out in tears at my desk at work today.

just saying.

oh dear god this is awesome

Pac Man, the movie

Best four minutes of my morning.


Ho there, east coasters.

i will be on your coast this weekend.

i am contactable by phone and gmail.

that is all.

tri tri tri again...

sorry about the subject line - it was way too tempting.

so i've been sitting on the fact that i did my very first triathlon on saturday so as to let the whole thing kind of soak in and percolate a bit. before the tri, i was convinced that it was going to kill me. now i'm running around online searching for more opportunities to do a tri before it gets too cold up here. NUTS.

this got long, so i chopped it for you.Collapse )